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About Net Neutrality

"When I invented the Web, I didn't have to ask anyone's permission. Now, hundreds of millions of people are using it freely. I am worried that that is going end."

- Sir Tim Berners Lee

Net Neutrality in Canada is the principle that consumers should control of what content, services and applications they use on the public Internet.

It's a simple concept that has wide-ranging implications on how the Internet operates.

The Internet is more than just the physical infrastructure over which it operates. It is a vibrant marketplace and an entirely new format for free expression, even a political landscape and a tool for free organization. A growing number of Canadians fear that some ISPs in Canada are overstepping their role through various network management practices. These practices raise questions about appropriate disclosure, privacy, competition, and innovation.

By protecting Net Neutrality, we guarantee that sites do not get blocked, ISPs do not charge anti-competitive 'preference' fees, companies can innovate, consumers get the widest range of service choices, and privacy is protected.

It's time for the Canadian government to stand up and protect the future of the Canadian Internet.